ant progress was made in reform of the cul

tural management system, and t

the Pacific that▓ the PDA provided the HIV positive women with business management training to assist them in developing business plans before establi

he development of cultural programs an▓d cultural

industries was accelerated.

shing their specific enterprises.As part of WWP, ▓the Cambodian Community of Women Living with HIV/AIDS of the Cambodian People Living with HIV/AIDS Ne

The Shanghai Special Olympics was successfu

lly held. Preparations for

twork has set up a garment manufacturing business called "Modern Dress Sewing Factory" (MDSF) employing 30 HIV positive women.In India, the Positive W

the 2008 Olympics and Paralympics i

omen Network has established a conceptual design and pri▓nting business called "Social Light Communications" employing two HIV posit▓ive women and two men.In China, Colorful Clouds Yunnan, a ▓female wing of AIDS Care China has set up "Positive C▓andle Works", a 100 percent bees wax candle manufacturing factory employing four women.Each business will be marketed under the common "WE" brand ( Women Empowered), wit▓h the aim to gain market access for the

r the past f

ive yea▓rs. Urban per capita annual disposable income r

03 yuan in 2002 to

ir products and services both locally and in▓ternationally."This project is a demonstration that we can be economically independent if given a level playing field and a little support," said Srim P

40 yuan during

han of MDSF.Caitli

n Wiesen, Regional HIV/AIDS Team Leader of the UNDP said about 6 milli▓on people are living with HIV in Asia and the Pacific region with women accounting for 30 percent of the total."In a ▓rapidly feminizing epidemic, the socio-economic independence of women is essential -▓- it enables women to c

the same pe
ut in place. The numbe

ope with the devas

tating impact of the epidemic on their family li▓fe and sources of livelihood," Wiesen said.China´s Efforts and Achievements in Promoting the Rule of LawChina´s parliament adopts enterprise income tax lawThe securities watchdog is expected to elicit public opinion on regulations set t

r of people
t during the past five

o be▓ issued in A

pril by the Growth Enterprise Board.This is according to an NPC deputy who's also an official at the Securities Regulatory Commission.Ouyang Zehua says firms often choose to go public overseas, after failing to meet domestic require▓ments set by the main board.But he believes more companies mig

-year period

great strid

ht switch to listing within the country as improvements continue in Chin▓a's capital market system.US sends aircraft carrier USS Ente▓rprise to Persian GulfBEIJING, March 15 (Xinhua) -- The followin

of the Report on the Work of the Government d▓elivered by Premier Wen Jiabao at the Third Session of the Eleventh National People's Congress▓ on March 5, 2010 and adopted on March 14, 2010: Fellow Deputies, On behalf o?/p>

il, I now present to you my report on the work of the government for your deliberation and approval. I also invite the members of the National Committee of the Chinese ▓People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC)

ents and suggestions. I. Review of Work in 2009 The year 2009 was the most d▓ifficult year for our country's economic development since the beginn▓ing of the new century. This time last year the global financial crisis▓

ng, and the world economy was in a deep recession. ▓Our economy was severely affected; our exports decreased significantly; a large number of enterprises had operating difficulties, and some even suspended production

pendence, a UN agency and an organization from Thaila▓n

or closed down; the number of unemployed people increased significantly; many migrant workers had to return to ▓their home villages; and the pace of our economic growth suddenly slowed down. In these unusually difficult circumstances, th

hed a "Women and Wea

e people of all our ethnic groups fortified thei▓r confidence, tackled difficulties head on, worked tenaciously, and responded calmly to the impact of the global financia▓l crisis under the firm leadership of the Communist Party of China (C

lth Project (WWP)" i

PC). Our economy was the first in the world to have made a turnaround, and we made major new achievements in reform and opening up as well as socialist modernization. GDP reac▓hed 33.5 trillion yuan, an increase of 8.7% over the previous y

n Cambodia, China ▓

and India.

ear (here and be

l▓ow). Fiscal rev

enue was 6.85 trillion

Under this p

yuan, up 11.7

%. Grain produ

ction was 530.82 million tons, a new record and an increase for

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